Terms & Conditions

Before using and receiving contents that exist in this website, users have to read, understand and agree with all the requirements and policy in this agreement. By accessing or using www.akarmas.com, users are considered to understand and agree with all the contents in term and condition below.


Akarmas MX Shop provides motocross genuine parts, accessories and apparel, located at Jalan Purworejo Km. 53 Tempelsari, Kalikajar, Wonosobo, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia. Which acts as supplier and seller. Also has an online shop, www.akarmas.com. This website is an official online shop of Akarmas MX shop. Term and Condition is an agreement between consumers and Akarmas MX shop which contains a set of regulation that regulate rights, obligations and responsibility of consumers and Akarmas MX Shop, also procedures in using Akarmas MX shop website. Term and Condition can change or renewed anytime without information. The changes of Term and Condition will effective soon after posted in www.akarmas.com. If users or consumers do not agree with the Term and Condition that we submit in this agreement, we suggest not to use this website.


The official online shop of Akarmas MX shop requires users to become members in order to do the transactions. By becoming a member, next will be called as a member of Akarmas MX shop, it is free. The requirements to become a member are:

  • Minimum age of users is 18, or to those who fulfill the requirements recognized by law, considered as adult user and excluded from children protection law.
  • Create a member account by submitting username and password to www.akarmas.com.
  • Registered users are responsible to keep the secret and security of username and password. Users are totally responsible of all activity under the username.
  • Users are willing to give information about their recent self-identity, which includes full name, complete address, phone number and E-mail address.

Akarmas.com member agree to:

  • Iform to Akarmas MX shop for every invalid usage by using your username through our customer service at support@akarmas.com.
  • Make sure that Akarmas MX shop membership accounts are logged out from any devices for every usage to avoid chance of account misusage. In this case, all kinds of account misusages are not the responsibility of Akarmas MX Shop.
  • Not sell, attempting to sell, offer to sell, give, or hand the account over to someone without our permission and written agreement.
  • Receive promotion E-mail from Akarmas MX Shop. You can unsubscribe the promotions by click the link below the promotion E-mail.
  • We are fully able to limit, block or end the service from an account, restrict access to akarmas.com and take lawful steps to secure Akarmas MX shop or other users if we see that there are users or even Akarmas MX Shop member who threaten or violate the law. Either violating personal rights or violate the laws that is written in this agreement.
  • That we can suspend or stop Akarmas membership or account that was sold, given, or handed over by violating policies in this agreement. All the outcomes and consequences are the responsibility of Akarmas MX Shop member who violated the policies in this agreement.
  • The access in this website can only be used for shopping and information. Opinion and all kinds of product representations or vendor’s information are not from our official MX Shop.
  • Not to copy, distribute, display, sell, rent, send, duplicate, translate, modify, hack, or exploit Akarmas MX Shop website.

Purchase and Price

  • Akarmas MX shop always strive to give product description as accurate as possible. Nevertheless, we cannot 100% assure that all description or content in this website are accurate, complete, the newest version or error free.
  • If in a certain condition, there are some mistakes regarding price of a certain product caused by human error, misspell or wrong information that come from supplier, Akarmas MX Shop has right to refuse or cancel the wrong-priced order including paid order. If the order(s) was paid using credit card, and customers already got the charge for the payment, we will refund it according to the price that was paid.
  • Stock of item can change anytime. If the stocks are empty, our customer service will inform to customer. Payment of the item(s) will be transferred back to bank account that was used by customer to pay.
  • Transport costs, armada tariffs, or expedition costs of item(s) are not included in the price that was submitted in Akarmas.com
  • Paid item(s) cannot be refunded or exchanged, except if there was an agreement before transaction.
  • Payment by costumer has to be done no later than one day after receiving our E-mail confirmation. If the customer cannot fulfill the payment more than one day, Akarmas MX Shop has right to cancel the transaction.
  • Customers have to use bank account number that is given by Akarmas MX Shop in every transaction. Any writing mistakes of the number are customer’s responsibility.
  • Shipping time duration are adjusted by area and service destination.

Intellectual Property Rights

Akarmas MX Shop is a sole owner or legitimate holder of the website and its content. All contents contain in Akarmas MX shop websites including text, graphic, software, photos, video, music, sound, settings, all software compilation and source code are intellectual property right that is protected by copyright regulation and law that protects Intellectual Property Rights all over the world.

Applicable Law

This agreement is regulated by and interpreted according to the law of Republic of Indonesia. All the users agree that all kinds of lawful action or conflict that will possibly arise from the relationship between two or more party will be solved exclusively and through jurisdiction of Republic of Indonesia.